Laser cutting



Metal processing without laser cutting is virtually unthinkable nowadays.

High production flexibility and material diversity have helped the process to achieve an outstanding position in the metalworking industry. Our 6kW 2D laser works with the latest fibre technology. Outstanding production speeds as well as optimal cutting performance of up to 22mm thickness for mild steel, 15mm stainless steel and 10mm aluminium enable a wide range of applications. In addition, the fibre technology also allows the cutting of non-ferrous metals such as brass and copper with a max. size of 3000×1500 mm.

Our proven 3kW 3D-CO2 laser compensates for the weaknesses of the high-performance 2D laser with the flexibility of its 5-axis movements and can also process sheets with a maximum size of 3000mm x 1500mm.

In addition, we can directly carry out permanent marking, i.e. engraving, with both lasers.