3D laser parts

All contours can be presented as three-dimensional parts per laser cut. We are using a special software to be able to process almost any 3D file format. This is applicable to all laser-capable materials. In this process the Z-axis can be traversed up to 190 mm. In addition, we can provide pipes with any type of cut-outs via an external axis.

2D laser and laser edge parts

We use powerful laser systems up to 5 kW with automatic loading and unloading system to manufacture custom-made 2-dimensional parts, such as cog wheels or blanks for laser edge parts.


We manufacture assemblies of any type for you, with functional testing and taking charge of construction design and logistics. For surfaces of any kind we have partner companies who are working hand in hand with us.

Welded assemblies

Welded assemblies of any dimension can be manufactured with the following welding procedures: MAG, MIG, WIG, plasma. This includes robot systems in different designs for small series and mass production.

Deep-drawing parts

Nine deep drawing presses from 160-1300 tons are available to manufacture your parts according to your requirements. We will be happy to offer the appropriate tools. Our machines are also equipped with active die cushions to be able to produce difficult deep-drawing parts.

Stamped parts

We supply stamped parts in single stroke or progressive compound, and thickness up to 12 mm made of any established materials. Also for stamped parts we will be happy to offer the appropriate tools. We will also take care of subsequent cleaning and surface treatment.


Simply call us or write us an e-mail. We will be happy to help you. 
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